Scrum Vs Traditional PM

Six Sigma versus Traditional Quality

Six SigmaTraditional Quality
Decisions are driven by dataDecisions are taken based on a combination of data and 'gut feel'.
Control process inputs (Focus on X’s)Inspection method (Focus on Y)
Structured use of statistical tools to help in problem solvingNo formal structure exists for the application of tools
Structured training in applied statisticsLack of structured training
Root cause approachBand aid approach
Prevention over inspectionInspection over prevention

Six Sigma Characteristics

  • Customer centric
  • Process focused
  • Data driven
  • Involvement and support of the top management
  • Cultural change
  • Breakthrough performance gains
  • Structured improvement deployment
  • Validation through key business results
  • Reduction in variation
  • Elimination of defects
  • Improvement in yield
  • Enhancement in customer satisfaction
  • Strengthening of the bottom line