Defining Learning Objectives

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Training comes in all shapes and sizes. But whatever the subject or your skill level, one thing needs to be crystal clear – what it is that you’re aiming to learn. This is where learning objectives come in. They’re an important aspect of learning, and there’s a trick to creating good ones. 

In the workplace, it’s essential to write clear learning objectives for any training you offer. Defining the aims of the course will help ensure that trainees have coherent end goals and are fully engaged with the learning.


What’s covered

What learning objectives are

The benefits of learning objectives

How to write effective learning objectives

Why your teams need this course

Learning objectives are essential for giving direction and purpose to learners as well as helping you assess their work. If you’re a manager or a person responsible for training, this course will explain to you what learning objectives are, discuss their benefits, and show you how to write them.