Sales Training Essentials Bundle




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    This collection is for those starting a career in sales or marketing who need to build foundational knowledge on strategies & techniques.

    Collection Overview

    The Sales Essentials Collection is made up of 10 tried and tested courses that can be completed in 2.5 hours.

    Ideal for anyone on your team who is starting a career in sales or marketing and needs to quickly build foundational knowledge. The collection can also be used as a refresher for those who may be stuck in a rut and need a reminder of what techniques and strategies are available.

    Starring a series of loveable characters taking on roles of famous spies and favorite office types, the 10 courses in Sales Essentials will educate, inspire, and stick with your team long after they’ve hit the complete button.

    Courses in collection

    1-Sales Listening Skills

    This course covers how to become an active listener and is ideal for anyone who wants to build better relationships with their prospects.
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    2-Creating Your Pipeline

    Creating a pipeline that generates, nurtures, and qualifies leads is the first step to sales success. This course shows you how to do it.
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    3-Managing Your Pipeline

    This course covers how to manage a sales pipeline. Topics include: monitoring metrics, prioritizing prospects and meeting targets.
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    4-The Sales Pitch

    Does your sales pitch need a shine? This course covers storytelling, the trust hormone, and flattery. All to make your product stand out.
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    5-Effective Presentations

    The way you present a product is almost as important as the product itself. This course teaches all about effective presentations.
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    6-Selling The Proposed Solution

    Today’s customers are spoiled for choice. So, getting them is trickier. This course covers solution selling, a no-fail sales technique.
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    7-Building Benefits

    Know the difference between features and benefits? This course will make sure you do, as well as teach you how to use them to make a sale.
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    8-Keeping Prospects Engaged

    This course will help your teams develop skills to keep prospects engaged and invested, so they’re more likely to sign on the dotted line.
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    9-Closing Difficult Deals

    Is it possible to close ‘impossible’ deals? This course will show you how it’s done through negotiation, compelling offers, and influence.
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    10-The Importance of Sharing Sales Feedback

    To improve the sales process, everyone on your team must share feedback. This course shows you why it’s important and how to do it.
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